Our Story

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Krishna Javaji, a first-generation Entrepreneur, established the company Javaji Softech GmbH and Eurotextiles GmbH & Co. in 2000.

Being an Entrepreneur for decades now, he has understood the strengths that a properly assessed employee can add to the team.

One day, back in 2018, when Krishna Javaji was interviewing someone for a senior role in the Technical team, he realized that the idea of finding the right talent is far-fetched from bringing the right person into the team.

He felt that there’s a minor defect in the whole recruiting system that needs a tweak!

He wondered if there’s a chance to end the multi-fold, conventional recruiting process in the IT sector and help passionate and results-driven employees and talent-hunting HR professionals to meet under the same roof!

Yet, the wild internet couldn’t give the space that he was looking for. So, Javaji felt, “When you can’t find it, create it” is the best solution here—thus, ti steps was born.

Today, we’ve built spaces that help IT people connect, learn, network, and get hired. impacteers.club, a holistic ecosystem built for IT employees and HR professionals to hang out, tops other spaces!

If you’re looking for a role that creates a meaningful and valuable IT professional network—join us today!

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Our Vision

Our vision is to help Tech people stand out from the crowd and help them choose the right career path. The “ti” in ti steps stands for “Talent Intelligence” and our products help people to fulfill that.

Our Values

We simplify the career space for tech people and help them shape their careers in a better way. We have built products to bring all the tech people under one hub (impacteers.club), a platform where HR and Tech people meet and choose the right fit for one another (ti Scout)—because interview is never a one-way street. To top it all we have built a platform for people to get access to actionable, results-driven, and amazing e-learning cohorts (ti-elevate)

We are working towards the betterment of tech people and helping them move up the career ladder.


We value our people as much as we love our mission. So, we always root for personal and professional growth.


We help people meet the right employee and the right boss. And ti steps strive to be the symbol of it.


Nothing is as powerful as two passionate people in a room. Join us to keep crushing bigger goals.

What you’ll be building

For the techies
by the techies

We built impacteers.club to bring together IT professionals who are eager to learn, guide, and network with others. Our team is working to take this to the young IT people at the earliest.

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ti scout product

HR management

When the meticulous employees and dynamic employers team up, the energy becomes unparalleled. So, we created ti scout, the hub for recruiters to meet the job seekers, after the right screening process.

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