The Story of our Products

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A movement can’t happen overnight! Similarly, our products weren’t built in a hurry. We wanted to make some noise and bring a change in the career industry. So, we conducted hours of research, interviews, surveys and dwelled under data of the potential users to find the right ways to help people.
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What you’ll be building


For the techies
by the techies

We built to bring together IT professionals who are eager to learn, guide, and network with others. Our team is working to take this to the young IT people at the earliest.

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Our Product Beliefs

During hours of our research, we understood that most of the tech professionals miss having a community, are clueless about how to upskill themselves, or simply don’t hear back from the HRs. We felt that bridging the gap between where the T people already are (not knowing how to shape their career) to being the most sought-after professionals in the industry is the need of the hour.

Thus, and ti scout were born! Although we had data from people, ti steps remained the inspiration that we always wanted. Our team shaped our product at every stage and made it what they are now!

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HR management

When the meticulous employees and dynamic employers team up, the energy becomes unparalleled. So, we created ti scout, the hub for recruiters to meet the job seekers, after the right screening process.

And there will be more...

Our product team knows about our users as much as they now about the tools! This was our first step to success.
Even before our soft launch, we made sure that each step of our product development is guided by the users and users only. That ignited us to build a user base and not only the audience.
So, we got no fence here

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