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Few ways an Employer may assist employees in achieving a work-life balance.

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An employee is literally the jewel in the crown of the company. Ensuring the well-being and satisfaction of the employees should be the primary concern of an organization as employees are the ones responsible for the progress or downfall of the company. A company which has good employees is unstoppable and can achieve great success. However, certain companies disdain the fact that their employees need to have a healthy work-life balance. The employers are simply concerned with getting out the most from their employees without securing the interests of these employees. This leads to employee grievances which can do harm to the company at several levels.

Work-life balance is not just about fulfilling deadlines. It is about maintaining performance and ensuring personal growth at the same time. Work-life balance is frequently regarded as something only related to work, but the real meaning includes excelling in life, family, society etc. There is a lot that the employers can do to inculcate the healthy practice of skillfully maintaining work-life balance. Let us have a look at some of these: –

“On what high-performing companies should be striving to create: A great place for great people to do great work.” – Marilyn Carlson, former CEO of Carlson Companies

How to help employees have a work-life balance?

If the company were to focus on the well-being of its employees, then it will be of great help because the employees are the actual captains of the ship and it is on them to steer the ship in the right direction. Here are some tips for employers to help employees strike a work-life balance: –

Stipulated work hours

If the work hours are clearly mentioned in the offer letter, and both the employee and the employer strictly adhere to it, then it can go a long way in the progress of the company. This is because when employees have a clear picture regarding the duty assigned to them in the stipulated time frame, then he/she will surely give their best at work. When they are assured of the time frame, they prevent themselves from cheating or wasting time. This not only increases productivity but also keeps the employees satisfied with their jobs.

Permitting flexibility & Pliable leaves

Employees are human beings too and are vulnerable to several circumstances in life. In this case, if the company is sympathetic to its employees, it is earning its employees’ loyalty and integrity. Providing flexible leaves and allowing flexibility at work is definitely a good employer strategy to aid the employee in maintaining a balanced work life.

Fostering the employees

When the employee is well aware that the company will be supportive, then he/she will try and give their utmost best performance. Companies should arrange counselling workshops and seminars for the help and growth of its employees to broaden and sharpen their skills and interests.

Encouraging vacations

Vacations are important for refreshing the mind and the soul. Companies conscious of this fact are very active in promoting vacations. Companies should provide monthly leaves and free annual trips for quite regular employees and meet deadlines within the stipulated period. This will encourage the employees to keep their work-life balance and ensure efficiency at work.

Avoiding overtime

Some companies force their employees to work overtime without any prior notice. This reduces the productivity of the employee and disturbs his/her personal life. This can even upset the employees and make them anxious and afraid of future workload. Hence, companies should consider the convenience of the employees, along with the clients.

Incentives and rewards

‘More the merrier’ is a saying which is quite popular and accurate. Companies should provide additional bonus or facilities to their employees who are punctual in their conduct. This is a beneficial strategy to encourage balance in the life of the employees. The encouragement and acknowledgement felt by the employees through these gestures will greatly improve their passion and enhance their work-life balance.

Recreation opportunities

Companies should organize camps and tracks for the entertainment of their employees. This helps build cordial relations among colleagues and will be helpful for the company in the long run. This will also refresh the employees and improve their productivity. Companies can organize cleanliness drives for the employees, which will help the company gain a reputation in society and fulfil its CSR.

Addressing grievances

This is one of the important strategies that each company should adopt. Companies who are active in identifying and solving the grievances and problems of its employees are looked highly upon. Employers should regularly arrange one to one meeting with the employees to ensure their interest in the firm.

Refraining from being Inhuman

Mistakes are human errors and cannot be avoided at times. Companies should be empathetic to some of the mistakes or delays done by the employee. Considering the personal dilemma that the employee is suffering will build a good company reputation and help the employee to maintain his/her performance. The act of kindness and encouragement will push the employees to do well in their future endeavours and ensure a healthy work-life balance.

Regular check-ups

Companies should hold counselling sessions and different health check-up campaigns for their employees. Some employees are good at hiding their personal problems, but they have decreased potential and productivity. By organizing such campaigns, the company can ensure the physical and mental health of the employees, in turn, guaranteeing the work-life balance.By adopting the above strategies, companies can prevent their employees from resigning. Losing a good performing employee is a loss to the company and recovering from such a loss is quite difficult.


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